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All about Rings !

All about Rings: A ring is a small circular band, typically of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones, worn around the finger, or sometimes the toe; as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority. Rings can be symbolic, social or simply worn as an appreciation of beauty in function and are always a reflection of their time. Rings say a lot about their wearer, beliefs, taste and sense of style. They can be […]

Mauritius a Shopping Island !

All about Mauritius, Shopping and Jewellery: Mauritius as a holiday destination may sound like any other island country with its sandy beaches and clear water but there is more than that. Indeed, a small island but you will be amazed at what all one can experience here. Whether you are into history, nature, adventure or food, travelling solo, with family or friends or planning a trip for your honeymoon; the island will not disappoint you. What is a holiday without […]