About Bernd Wilhelm

Family tradition

Bernd Wilhelm comes from a family of goldsmiths; he learned his craft from scratch in the city of gold, Pforzheim, which is known as the center of jewellery culture in Germany today. Mr. Wilhelm’s father had a long career in this industry and Bernd has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of different type of jewellery.

Around fifteen years ago, Bernd Wilhelm settled with his family in Mauritius; he found the island wonderful retreat for the realization of his creative ideas. Here, the virtuosity and artistic lightness of the Mauritian hands meet with the precise craftsmanship and quality awareness of the designer. The outcome of this cooperation is high quality exclusive jewelry.

Precise craftsmanship is our credo

With love for handicraft and art, each piece is designed by Bernd Wilhelm personally and the result is his beautiful creations. The master alloys and trims the material and then determines which gemstones should be used in each piece. Once Bernd is satisfied with the assembly, it is handed over to his skilled craftsmen and only when 100% perfect it is presented to the customer.

Products from Bernd Wilhelm conquers the customer through their high quality workmanship and distinctive design. Truly striking mark of uniqueness is the closing mechanism he uses in his necklaces, each one fits seamlessly in the chains, without interrupting the overall harmony of the piece.

Quality, not quantity

Bernd Wilhelm places great emphasis on individuality. His jewellery is not mass produced. Each product is a limited edition. In order to meet the high quality requirements, the atelier produces monthly in average no more than thirty pieces. Anyone who has been here once, can be caught up by the idea that perfection perhaps exists…

If you have time and the interest during your holiday to visit this studio in Mauritius, you will certainly get a chance to experience the dedication, passion and accuracy with which the work is crafted.

Browse through the gallery and look out for your new favorites. You’ll love it!