Mauritius a Shopping Island !

All about Mauritius, Shopping and Jewellery:

Mauritius as a holiday destination may sound like any other island country with its sandy beaches and clear water but there is more than that. Indeed, a small island but you will be amazed at what all one can experience here.

Whether you are into history, nature, adventure or food, travelling solo, with family or friends or planning a trip for your honeymoon; the island will not disappoint you.

What is a holiday without shopping? Usually a trip abroad essentially include some shopping. Shopping in Mauritius is an amazing experience one should not miss. In fact markets and malls in Mauritius combine shopping with entertainment and feasting. The island boasts of large number of shopping centers and destinations, which accommodate the needs of all kind of shoppers. Shopping in Mauritius offers you very high value-for-money and turns shopping into a fascinating and pleasing experience.

Bringing back gifts are a must after a voyage to such a piece of paradise. Mauritius is now known worldwide for its unique, breathtaking and high quality designed jewellery. Tourists, specially ladies, will surely be amazed by the skills of Mauritian craftsmen. Jewels shop believes that jewellery should be designed with passion and be as wonderful and beautiful as the person wearing it.

When you’re planning to purchase a piece of fine jewellery for someone you love, you’re also planning for a special occasion. It’s a celebration, and the piece you give becomes a mark of life’s most treasured moments. You want to enjoy every step, from planning the occasion, to shopping for just the right item, to making the presentation, and finally, relishing the surprise.

While engagements, weddings and anniversaries are typically synonymous with the gift of fine jewellery, birthdays, graduations are also events deserving of the recognition only jewellery can offer.

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