Mauritius as a holiday destination

The development of tourism in Mauritius which started in the early 1950’s with approximately 1,500 visitors has been accelerating since. The target for 2020 – the impressive 2m visitors!

After the sugar cane industry, tourism is the second most important pillar of Mauritian economy. Not surprisingly, the island is suitable as a holiday resort all year round. In summer the crystal-clear ocean water is pleasantly warm, but even in winter it hardly cools below +21 degrees Celsius. In addition, there are white sandy beaches that are miles long on some coasts. Not to forget are very friendly Mauritians who take one for themselves.

The vacation on the island can be very diverse, for it offers along with water activities numerous excursion possibilities in the country’s interior. It is worth to visit the capital Port Louis, whereby one can experience at first hand, what is meant by the multicultural mix on Mauritius. Numerous tea plantations, the sugar museum, nature reserves such as the Botanical Garden and much more are suitable as interesting excursion destinations.

The exotic feeling of being in a completely different world is guaranteed. What more could one wish when travelling so far away?


helicopter view, le Morne with water fall

helicopter view, landscape


images kindly provided by Hladchenko Yuriy