Getting married in Mauritius

More and more couples are coming to Mauritius to get married or renew their wedding vows.

There is most probably nothing nicer than giving each other the very personal yes-word in front of aturquoise-blue ocean scenery, perhaps even at sunset? There are few places in the world that surpass the romantic atmosphere of Mauritius!

The number of couples coming to the island to get engaged or get married, or simply to renew their vows has been increasing over the past years. Legally everything is perfectly clarified: a Mauritian registrar may carry out the civil marriage of foreign guests, which is recognized in most countries.

A ceremony on the beach or on a small uninhabited island is very popular. Underwater marriages have already happened! Several companies help you in your search for the wedding dress, an event photographer up to the bridal bouquet and the wedding cake.

If you would like to take not only a marriage certificate from Mauritius but also another souvenir of this dream island, you could also have your wedding rings made on site. The atelier Bernd Wilhelm is the ideal place to go.