Our Atelier

Not only the tropical-maritime climate of the island but also the skillfulness of the Mauritian craftsmen had a big influence on Bernd Wilhelm’s decision to settle here.

For fifteen years now, the German master goldsmith Bernd Wilhelm has been assisted by skillful Mauritian goldsmiths. The designer usually takes them over directly after their general training at the local technical school and teaches them how to make chains and bracelets, as they are mainly exported.

In order to meet the wishes of local customers, Bernd Wilhelm offers all kinds of jewellery in his studio: from rings and earrings to necklaces, pendants and wedding rings.

If you are looking for something special for an extraordinary event, you will always find it here, especially as Mr. Wilhelm often responds to the extra wishes of his customers.

It is worth to visit this atelier and get to know its team. The master likes to take time to explain the subtleties of his craftsmanship and to show his collections. He normally needs three (by rings) up to seven days (by necklaces and pendants) to manufacture a piece which makes his services in terms of time nearly unbeatable.

Some people came already as customers and left as friends.